Useful Organizing Ideas to Make Your Storage Space Neat and Attractive

Modern White Blue Girl Bedroom with Neat Storage SystemMany people like to pile up goods. Admit it, whoever you are, there is a part of you that likes to stock goods, ranging from groceries, toiletries, CD collection, toys, up to clothing.

So, is there a way to turn a pile of these goods become more attractive? Here are some ways to store more attractively.

In the bedroom and wardrobe
Try to arrange your items by color and type. Start on your clothes and shoes. Bring T-shirts, and organize them according to the color. Bring bags and shoes as well, then categorize them according to the color. Once done, try to look at your wardrobe! That will look much more attractive.

Do not move from the wardrobe first. After collecting and arranging goods by color and type, focus on your hanging clothes. Get rid of the hangers that look unappealing and replace them with the new ones.

The same thing can also be applied in the kitchen. Instead of storing kitchen spices with a container that is not attractive, immediately change it with a more beautiful container. Instantly, the kitchen even looks more attractive.

Second, use all the help you can get in storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. Beautiful box, containers, plastic containers, or baskets can be utilized to store those items.

In a child’s room
Before starting to create storage areas in a child’s room, first measure your child’s height. Make sure the storage area or the setting that you are doing can be reached by the child. This should be applied to the storage of toys, books, stationery, and clothes in your child’s room.

Then, set items belonging to your child in an interesting position. If you prefer to use a shelf rather than a closet, then make dolls, toys, or child’s reading books as decoration objects.

In the kitchen
Let’s now move to the mother’s and chef’s favorite room. The kitchen is the most attractive location. In this place, you can use foodstuff to cooking utensils as decoration. By displaying these items, you can pick them up more easily.

First of all, determine the type of rack, cabinet, or storage area in the kitchen you will use. If you have a closed closet, you just need to make sure every spice, cooking utensils, and other necessities are neatly arranged for easy reach. After all, it is not easy to see all the goods if the cabinet is closed. Meanwhile, if you have an open rack, you should be more careful in the selection and arrangement of the container.

Try paint the back and sides of the rack, as well as a kitchen wall using the same color as the color of the majority of plates, cups, and other supplies. This makes the kitchen seem more spacious, not cramped.

An open rack can also be utilized as a storefront. Use lots of clear glass containers to store dry food supplies and kitchen spices. Make your foodstuff as a decoration.

Next, place your cook books under the kitchen table. At this level, these books seem more attractive. In addition, you will also find it easier to reach them.

Those are some useful tips in storing items in some spaces in the house. You can start sorting items, preparing the containers, and organize them neatly. Good luck!

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