Useful Tips on How to Organize A Closet

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Do you often waste your time in front of your bedroom closet choosing what to wear today? If it is a yes, there might be something wrong with your closet. When you can’t find what you want when you want it and feel frustrated every time you look inside, your closet absolutely needs organizing. The question coming up to your mind might be ‘how to organize my closet then?’. Well, today we come up with some useful tips on how to organize your closet. Let’s check the following.

  • Remove everything from your closet and make it clear from dirt. Since you are going to create a masterpiece, your canvas should be clean.
  • Find what stuffs make your closet cluttered. It is said that we just use 20% of the things we store in the closet. Then, make three piles 1) things to keep for you, 2) things to give away/donate, and 3) things to throw out. Now, it is the time to organize the first pile; things to keep.
  • Don’t compromise. Sometimes it is difficult to let what we have owned for a long time go. If you really want a tidy and nice looking closet, then it is your time to take the decision. Soon after you have made the three piles, you should do the actions. Keep what should be kept, donate what you are going to donate, and throw those which are supposed to be thrown out.
  • Separate your items based on their function. For instance, keep your pajamas in one corner. Don’t place your office dress and party dress in one place, and so on. To make it easier to find and see your items, you can arrange them based on the color, the complete outfit, the season, or the item types.
  • Hang your clothes. Using clothe hangers will ease you to find what you are looking for. Wooden hangers are recommended since they are sturdy and provide good support for your clothes.
  • Make sure that your little accessories can be easily seen. Sometimes you keep some accessories such as shocks, belts, or ties into your closet. People often keep them in small drawers that they cannot easily see the things. However, we recommend buy certain hangers or little display box for those little things.
  • Be free to arrange your items based on your personal taste. It will be much easier and fun when you are doing what you like.

Well, those are the useful tips you can apply for your bedroom closet. What if you have a small closet. How to organize a small closet then? Well, the tips above work for every closet in different sizes. Let’s check the following pictures for some samples of organized closet. Get inspired then.

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