Using Mirrors for Home Feng Shui

Mirror For Feng ShuiAccording to Feng Shui, a mirror is not merely used to decorate a room. Mirrors can be used to capture the flow of positive Qi energy and spread it to the rest rooms of the house. On the other hand, the bad mirror placement is also capable of trapping negative energy and emitting into another room. This is believed to affect the physical and mental health and also the souls of the house occupants. So what should you do with the placement of the mirror? Where should the mirror be placed?

The first principle in the use of mirror for Feng Shui is that the mirror should be able to reflect beautiful and charming things. In Feng Shui, something beautiful and charming is considered as something positive. Thus, it will have a positive effect for the home owner and occupants.

To provide beneficial positive energy, put a beautiful decorative object across the mirror such as painting, sculpture or a beautiful flower that can be reflected in a mirror reflection. Instead, you should never put a mirror on parts that have negative points, such as a mirror facing a busy highway. In Feng Shui, busy highway is considered as something negative.

What about the shape and size of the mirror? In terms of the shape, the mirror should be symmetrical and regular, such as rectangular, octagonal or round shapes. A round mirror is considered as a symbol of unity; the eight square-shaped mirror is considered as a symbol of strength; and the square or rectangular mirror is a symbol of balance. In terms of the size, you should select the one that is neither too big nor too small in order to create a balance on the object that will be reflected.

Ensure that the mirror for Feng Shui is not cracked and dirty so that it can prevent distortion of the shadow. This kind of distortion is considered to provide negative effects because it does not actually reflect the shadow fully.

And finally, because the mirror is not just a decoration, place it on the right or left side wall of the house. Make sure that it does not face directly to the window or door so that the positive Qi energy coming to the house is not reflected back outside. It would be more appropriate if a mirror is placed adjacent to the object that has the element of fire. This then will be balanced with glass elements which are considered as the elements of water and do not heat the house.

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