Using Mirrors in Feng Shui Interior Home Decor

Bedroom Decoration with MirrorsMirrors are widely used in the practice of Feng Shui. However, please note that the mirror we use today is not the same with the one in ancient times. Long time ago, the mirror was made of copper with polished surface. In modern times, the mirror is made of glass that displays far more subtle shade.

The images produced by the chopper mirror are still distorted so that the reflection of the mirror is sometimes scary. People said that the Ci Xi Queen of Ching Dynasty felt scared to see the reflection from the chopper mirror and she prefered to reflect on the water surface. Formerly there was also a belief that evertytime we looked at a mirror, our time living in the earth will be reduced one year.

Theoretically, there are three kinds of mirrors; flat mirror, concave mirror, and convex mirror. Flat mirrors create reflection which is the same with the real object because the rays are reflected by coming straight lines. Concave mirrors reflects the shadow larger than the original object because the rays come running along lines converging (meeting each other). Meanwhile, convex mirrors cause the shadow smaller than the original object. This occurs because the rays are reflected in divergent lines (spread). These are the effects used in the Pa Kua mirror which is commonly placed on the door of the residence.

A common mistake which is often done is a concave mirror which is installed in order to expel bad influence from the outside. Of course this is wrong because what happens is the bad influence continues to expand. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use a Pa Kua convex mirror to ‘reduce the bad influence. However, if the environment around the home is beautiful or lots of greenery, it’s good to use the Pa Kua with concave mirror to increase the good influence.

Avoid big mirrors in the bedroom
The application of a big mirror in the bedroom, which can create the reflection of the bed, is considered bad based on Feng Shui. First, people might get shocked looking at their own reflection on the mirror immediately after they get up.

Based on a legend, the spirit of a sleeping person will go away from the body. The spirit which is back to the body will get shocked and confused since it sees two bodies. People said that if the spirit chooses entering the reflection on the mirror, then the person will not get up forever. Yet, this story is not the main reason.

Feng Shui recommends the use of mirrors, especially to create a spacious impression in a narrow room. A big mirror will double a room’s width. This technique is widely used in business spaces such as in a restaurant or store with a not quite large space. Even a wide mirror is often installed in apartment units so that the vertical building will look way larger. From this illustration, we can conclude that mirrors indeed become one beautiful interior decoration component. In addition to make a room look way wider, mirrors can also be used to eliminate a sharp corner in a room.

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