Utilizing Unused Space to Create a Children’s Play Area

Playful Kids' Play Area with Cute FurnitureA big problem often experienced by homeowners is the presence of a large unused room. Many of us are using those spaces for a variety of things that are not quite right. The improper use of the space will only make it a home of dust, rats, and so forth. For those of you who have children aged 1-12 years and want to utilize an unused space appropriately, we suggest you use it as a children’s play area.

Well, by making a children’s play area, then you will get some benefits. You will more easily keep an eye on children’s activities, and your children will no longer mess up the other rooms since they have their own place to play. And if this idea interests you, here are some things you should consider in creating a children’s indoor play area in your unused space:

1. Colors
You should use bright and playful colors, like green, blue, and yellow. Today there are many choices of wallpaper and paper stickers with pictures of various animals, trees, and cute cartoon characters that you can use as a wall decoration.

2. Flooring
For the floor, you should use puzzle carpet as the top layer, so that the floor will be more tender and warm. There are times when children play and accidentally fall. And with the rubber carpet lining, it will prevent harm or injury when they play.

3. Furniture
It should be noted that in choosing furniture for a child’s playroom, you should choose the one that does not have sharp corners or edges. You never know what they will do there, so you better choose furniture that is safe and sturdy. Provide one or several sets of tables and seats.

4. Lighting
Make sure the room has adequate lighting, so your children will be comfortable when reading a book or doing other activities that focus on the sense of sight. If possible, choose a room with large windows, so that natural light can enter freely. Also, a smooth air flow will make the room always feel comfortable.

5. Storage space
Having their own room to play does not mean they are free to do anything, including making a mess in the room. Teach your children to tidy up the toys that have been used. Therefore, you need enough storage space to accommodate all the toys and books they have.

6. Safety
You’ll want to check the room more carefully before using it,  for the sake of your children’s safety. If you put TV and video games or computer, you’ll want to check the existing electrical installation and make sure everything is safe for them to move around.

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