Various Ideas for Your Interior Wall Decoration

Luxury Wallpaper for Living RoomYou can create a certain atmosphere at home by an attractive wall design exploration. The walls are an important element in a house, both functionally and aesthetically. In addition to functioning as room dividers, walls also affect the atmosphere in it. The natural, tropical, or modern impression can be achieved by exploring wall designs in terms of both material and finishing aspects. No wonder a lot of efforts to modify the walls are done. In addition to giving a separate theme of the interior space, it is also to give an accent so that the home interior doesn’t look monotonous.

There are many ways can be done to modify the design of the wall, making it more interesting and unique. Painting it with some chosen colors may be an ordinary thing done to give a certain atmosphere in a room.

Of course it would not hurt you to try a variety of alternative ideas to beautify the walls of your home. The various wall decoration ideas bellow might inspire you in making a more attractive and unique home interior.

Beautiful and practical
Wallpaper is a great alternative to wall decoration in which it offers a practical and easy installation. Wallpaper is originally just a paper taped to the wall as decorative elements. Now the wallpaper may be more appropriately called wall cover due to its main material. It is not only made of paper, but is available in a variety of materials, such as cloth, leather, vinyl, and leaves.

The option offered is also various in terms of color, texture, pattern, size, and motifs, depending on the concept of space as what you want. As an option for wallcoverings, wallcover has many advantages including being easy to install, relatively durable, diverse selection of materials and motifs, as well as some of the materials are easy to clean. Wallcover is also very flexible to be applied to rooms of a variety of styles as well as various effects of the atmosphere to show.

Wall cover with bright colors, horizontal lines or small motifs is suitable to be applied in small spaces, to give the impression of a more spacious room. Instead, to get around the large room, use dark colored or large patterned wall cover on one side of the wall. Wallcover is also relatively easy to be changed if you are already bored with the atmosphere of the room or if you want to customize it with new furniture in your home.

Unfinished style
Exposed bricks, natural stones, and woods on wall decor can give the impression of natural and comfortable interior. Some of these natural materials, such as the wood and exposed bricks, can also provide a warm impression to a room. In contrast, natural stones tend to give a cold and cool effect.

Although most of the materials are applied to tropical-style homes, but with creativity as well as certain combinations, these natural materials are also suitable to be applied in a modern or contemporary style home design. For instance, the texture and natural colors of exposed bricks or bricks without plaster and cement leveling compound are able to give a warm impression and add artistic value to the house.

Wood also provides warmth. Moreover, currently wood is widely applied to decorative elements on the wall, either in the form of panels or in the original shape and texture. With the addition of wood elements as decoration on a plain wall, a cold room can become more comfortable and warm without interfering with the modern style you want to highlight.

In applying natural materials on the walls, creative ideas are also required to produce an attractive wall decoration. For example, you can apply some creative ideas on the installation method of natural stones. This material, which is commonly used as a complementary element to the dry garden, can be used in the intact form and texture. Special techniques which are safe for the homeowners are required. As a result, a natural stone wall is much more interesting because it is out of the box.

Interesting trellis
The materials that can be used even more varied, not limited to natural or common materials. One of them is by applying the trellis, which actually functions as the elements of a secondary skin, to the exterior walls as sun shading. Clearly, this is also interesting to be used as a decorative element on the wall. The combination of geometric patterns that are arranged into a strong union can be a unique accent when projected on one wall area. In addition, the placement on the wall by providing a little slit for an indirect light between the wall and trellis can give shadow effects and dramatic atmosphere in the room.

So, which wall decoration idea do you think most fit your home design?

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