Various Paint Problems and How to Fix Them

Cozy Living Room with Green Wall IdeaWhen celebrating an event at home, we usually get very busy cleaning and decorating the home including repainting the walls or furniture. Well, the following are common problems we usually find when painting the home. Let’s check the paint problem along with the paint problem solvers.

Air bubbles underneath the paint
This usually happens when you choose a paint that is shiny with primer containing water. It could also because you do the painting when the sun is shining on a hard or shiny surface. To avoid this, use a special type of priming if you want to paint objects that are not made ​​of wood .

Used oil paint brushes will remain soft when soaked in water after use. Keep the brush at a certain place, then fill the place with water until it covers the brush hairs. Do not pour too much water to soak the brush handle because it can cause the water come out of the handle of the brush when painting. With this storage method, a soft brush can last for four weeks (do not let the water evaporates). Brushes used for emulsion paint (wall paint) can remain soft for several days by wrapping it tightly with plastic bag without air in it.

Uneven paint color
This is due to the uneven paint mixture. Get used to stir the paint in order to make an even viscosity, especially for thick and dark paint.

Cracked paint
It usually occurs in old paint which has hardened and cannot expand due to climate change. In case of small cracks, remove the cracked part with sandpaper, apply the wall putty, give priming, then do the painting. In the cases of large cracks, remove the paint in the entire field of paint, do the sanding, give priming, and re-paint.

Paint becomes broken
This is the final stage of the cracked paint. The entire layer of the paint must be removed to their original base, give primer, then do the painting.

Sticking insects or brush bristle
If there are flies or bristle sticking on a surface which is newly painted, do not immediately throw them away from the wet area. Wait for at least a night, then take them away with a wet cloth gently.

Paint gets difficult to dry
Paint containing water usually dries quickly. However, it can be dried more quickly by spraying hot air or by using a hair dryer. But remember, do not spray it too close to the object, and do it horizontally. Do not do this to oil paint.

Creased wall
It may occur because the second layer painting is done without waiting for the first layer to dry. It could also be due to excessive staining or intense sunlight directly into the middle of the field painted. To deal with it, sandpaper it until it is smooth, and re-paint it.

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