Vertical Garden: The Right Way to Deal with a Limited Space

Green Indoor Vertical Garden
An indoor vertical garden is a smart idea to make this room look green, fresh, and gorgeous without taking a lot of space. (

As the issue of global warming haunts this earth, a lot of people are trying to create a green environment. Creating a garden is one of many efforts to make our earth greener. Yet, the limited available space makes us the people difficult to open a new green space. What should we do then? Don’t worry; there is always a way out. I bet you have ever seen or heard about vertical gardens, haven’t you? Well, similar to a roof garden, this kind of garden is the right answer to cope with limited space. Both of those gardens are in fact aimed at using parts of the building as a green space. I suggest that every time you design a building, you should consider a green space no matter what the size is and where the location is. It is a must, either for a house or even an office. This green space will create the environment more beautiful and fresh.

As what we have discussed before, a small or limited space is no longer an obstacle to make our living space look green, fresh, and dynamic. Even this small space often lured us into a more creative design idea. Now check the interior and exterior parts of your house or office. Do you have any idea of which part can be green? What about the little space in front of the kitchen? Or beside the warehouse? Or maybe you have some spaces in the foyer, living room, in front of the bedroom, under/above the windows, and so on. After checking the entire space, then you may think of any fence, wall, plant stem, stair, or garden light pole. You do think about any of them? If you do so, it means that actually you start to think about a vertical garden.

Let’s say that you have just found an interesting activity for your leisure. Then just start everything from the easiest thing to do. Yet, the most important thing to do is to change your mindset first. Don’t create a vertical garden if you just want to follow the trend in your society. Designing a vertical garden is not only about the looks but more importantly it is about the essence of design itself which is awareness. Awareness of the environment, awareness of the earth. 

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