Wallpaper vs. Painting: Which One?

Wallpaper or PaintingWhether it is better to use wall paint or wallpaper can be quite confusing for some people. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. Wall paint has better durability than wallpaper. Instead, wall paint does not have the various attractive patterns as the wallpaper has. If you are confused to choose paint or wallpaper, here are things you can consider.

Some people prefer to choose wall paint because wallpaper requires greater cost for the installation. In addition, the paint is considered more durable than wallpaper. However, what we need to know is that wallpaper is not always expensive. Now there are a wide option of wallpaper which is fairly cheap, and can be as durable as wall paint if the installation is done properly.

1. Durable
Good quality wallpaper can last up to 5-10 years. To get more durable wallpaper which is not easily fade, we will indeed need to spend a greater amount of money.

2. Able to Cover Cracks
Paint should be applied several times on the wall to be able to cover any crack. But with wallpaper, you can cover the crack in the wall more quickly by patching it with cement first.

3. Easy to clean
Stained wall paint will be difficult to clean. Meanwhile, you only need to wipe the wallpaper clean when it is stained.

4. Easy to Repair
If there is damage, you can easily use the rest piece of wallpaper that you save before to patch or replace the damaged part..

5. Odorless
Unlike paint, wallpaper does not cause unpleasant odors.

Those are some of the advantages of wallpaper some people might have not known. However, if you still feel confused whether to choose paint or wallpaper, you can consider the following:

If you really consider the budget, it is advisable to use these two materials. Since the cost of installing the wallpaper is quite expensive, you can use wallpaper for some spaces only, such as bedroom and family room. You can use wall paint for the rest of the rooms then.

You can also use a combination of the two materials in one room, like, for example, using the paint to frame the wallpaper. However, in combining the two, you would need to consider the theme. Make sure that they would create a beautiful and nice look.With these considerations, now you can decide to select paint or wallpaper.

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