Want to Sleep Soundly? Try These Colors

Monochromatic Bedroom DesignEveryone might have been experienced a sleeping problem, including you. Have you checked the air temperature of your bedroom? May be it is too hot or too cold. Or, have you chosen a soothing wall color? Here we suggest some wall paint color options which can be used to overcome your sleeping problems.

This color is often found in gardens. Bringing green into your bedroom is just like bringing a fresh and natural impression. This color will provide coolness and refresh your tired mind. But, you also have to consider the green density you choose. Pastel green is the right choice for your bedroom.

Blue is often associated with water or sky. Although this color belongs to cool colors, it also can bring soothing shades. Make sure you combine it with another color such as white, brown, yellow or red to create balance and harmonious shades.

This color is a mix of blue and red elements that represent cold and warm colors. Despite having two characters, bright purple is able to create a relaxed and soothing impression when applied on your bedroom wall.

This color is associated with feminine impression. It also can give a gentle and quiet impression in a room. Its brightness can actually warm the entire space of your bedroom. It would not hurt if you want to combine it with other elements such as brown or light brown to reinforce the soft impression produced.

If you think that this color is too bright and strong for a bedroom, then you just have to be brave to try it first. Orange has an advantage that is not much different from fruit flavors that contain a lot of vitamin C, which is soothing.

So, are you ready to select a color for your bedroom wall paint? Find your brush, and start painting your wall with your favorite color now.

Image credit: home-designing.com 

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