Warmly Welcome Your Guests in a Cozy Foyer Design

Cool Foyer Design with Exotic Lighting and Beautiful ConsoleYour foyer or entryway is like a window leading to the entire rooms of the house. In creating a captivating foyer design, you should consider the size of the space, its use, and what you want to highlight to represent the spaces behind.

First of all, measure the the foyer space and also consider its shape. The size and shape will determine the design of the room. If you have a long and narrow foyer in front of the main door, then you need a sleek console table and a mirror there. This method can create the impression of height and depth in the space.

Meanwhile, if you have a large foyer design, you could use a table with a circular surface. Like the hotel entrance area, use the circular table and decorate it using a lot of flowers in a vase. You will provide freshness for your guess before entering the living room.

Second, provide a place to sit in the room. Providing a chair, though in a small size, can offer a sense of comfort for your guests. If your space is limited, try using a small seating area and place it under the console table. When you want to use, you or your guests can pull it out from under the table.

Third, make sure whatever you put in the foyer is strong and not easily broken since this entryway is passed by many people. Avoid displaying or putting items that are too soft or fragile. If you insist on displaying those items, put them on the living room which is not far from the foyer. Make sure you also use rugs with solid material which is not easily damaged.

Lastly, make layers of lighting by using multiple lamps or lighting source. Also use decorative chandeliers. Add a wall lamp or table lamp that can be placed on the surface of the console.

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