Wellness Sky: Triangular Fitness Center that Feels Like A Cloud

Wellness Sky Belgrade Fitness Center
The project named "Wellness Sky" since the designer wanted us feel like entering a cloud there.

A fitness center is a place to do the activity of sports in order to keep the body healthy and good looking. There are many fitness centers offer their best facility for us. They must be the essential part of our life. If we spend time there in the fitness center, we can also save the money we spend on medicines and on other health matters as well. A good and comfortable fitness center may influence the mood and feeling of its users. Thus, a fitness center should be designed as comfortable as possible. One of amazing fitness center in the world is the Wallness Sky fitness center in Belgrade, Serbia. Why is it called Wallness Sky? The designer firm, 40f7, wants us to feel like entering a cloud when entering this fitness center. You can see in the following pictures that it is just like a cloud with its semi translucent stretched ceiling hung in a faceted pattern. This fitness center also has a unique triangular form which is very attractive.

Wellness Sky Belgrade Fitness Center
The building form has been restored focusing on its unusual triangular form.

Wellness Sky Belgrade Fitness Center 3

Welness Sky Belgrade Fitness Center

Wellness Sky Belgrade Fitness Center

Images credit: Architecture Buildings 

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