What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?

Pink Front Door DesignNowadays homeowners do not only use the color black, white, or brown for the front door of their house. Some of them increasingly show their creative ideas and put it in the form of a unique coloring to the main door. In other words, the color of the front door can tell the character of the homeowner. Here are ten main door colors and meaning.

1. Yellow
Bright colors presented by the color yellow are often associated with excitement, energy, and happiness. Homeowners with a yellow door could be someone cheerful and dynamic.

2. Mint green
The green color is comforting and can also mean fresh. The natural colors will make guests feel calm and at one with nature.

3. Fuschia
The dark color of this pink brings a dramatic impression. Homeowners with a fuschia colored main door are usually romantic and modern.

4. Aqua blue
This light blue or rain water is suitable for those who are casual and eclectic.

5. Plum
The dark purple indeed gives the impression of a dark and mysterious. But at the same time, this color symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Normally, a homeowner with a dark purple door prioritizes an elegant impression.

6 . Mangoish yellow
This color is one level below the orange color. It creates an impression of the charm of joy and creativity. Homeowners with this brightly colored door know how to make their guests feel at home.

7 . Dark green
A rustic home design will look great with a dark green door. The owner of this home might be a dreamer whose greatest dream is to unite with nature.

8 . Pink blush

House with a pink door is not necessarily owned by a teenage girl. This color represents life and entertainment with a very broad meaning. So, this is a universal color in which any one may choose.

9. Royal blue
A royal blue colored main door presents an aura of wisdom and confidence. The homeowner usually comes from a wealthy family which already has a special place in the neighborhood.

10 . Tomato-ish Red
Not everyone has this vibrant and firm colored door. Only those who know how to be a star have the courage to use this door.

So, what color do you choose for your main door?
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