What is a Great Home Design Like?

Minimalist Exterior Home DesignA great home design is not only about a fascinating construction when we look at it. Most importantly, the design must actualize three basic characteristics which are function, shape, and color.

A home design should have a clear purpose for all the occupants. It will become nonsense and a waste when we spend a lot of money on things which cannot function effectively and efficiently.

If we have decided the function of each room, then the next step is to design the shape. This sequence requires detail data, reference, and inspiration which means that it is actually not fair to give a time limitation on a creative process of a home design.

The last characteristic is about how to choose the color. It includes the process of material selection for every element which forms the room, such as windows, infrastructure, wood types, surface materials, and so on.

If every characteristic can be met in the design process, then the project we are working on will have the potential to be a great home design work. Then, who will decide whether a home design is great or not? It is important to understand that the ones who will decide the quality of the home design are all of the occupants of the house. We might be very interested in the visual appearance of a room, yet the others might not feel the same. If it happens, it can be concluded that the home design does not belong to the great one. Unfortunately, in a real professional world, architects and home designers are sometimes not concerned to the clients but to their own obsession instead. Meanwhile, it is actually a professional obligation of architects and home designers to create amazing ideas and provide a guide by listening to the clients’ need and desire.

Another important thing to consider is the availability of realistic budget before starting the design. The common problem is that the clients want to combine too many things they like without considering their budget. If it happens, the project may end up with many problems.

The resale value of the building also becomes an important thing to be considered. Many clients think that they will live in that house for the rest of their life. It is actually less realistic. In the design process, we should think about the resale value of the house. We don’t need to build the biggest and most expensive house among our neighbors’. We u don’t need to think to create big rooms, too many rooms, or unique rooms which other people might not interested in. It is important to imagine that one day we have another plan and finally we must move to another house.

To sum up, there are many factors contributing to a great home design. That judgment will come from the clients, not from the designers or architects. Although architecture is an art, it is not an individual object which is dominated by the creator. Architects should professionally manifest the clients’ want into a design. Meanwhile, with their knowledge, they should give guidance to the client and also the best design completion.

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