What is Smart Building?

Smart HouseAlong with the advancement of technology, the need for a house with the support of modern information technology will increase. Not only to meet the needs of information, a house with the concept of a smart building can cut energy use to  50 percent. Smart building, or better known as the smart house, has been implemented in several developed countries, such as South Korea and Singapore.

This concept optimizes a building with a high level use of modern technology such as the use of PLC (programmable logic controllers) which is then connected to some other components (sensors) that are used to control almost all parts of the house. Although the price is quite expensive, many benefits can be obtained by using and applying the concept of smart building.

This is largely due to the activities of the residents which will be performed automatically without human intervention. The easiest example is turning on the lights at night, automatic electricity bill payments, turning off some unused power source, and optimizing the use of cameras to monitor the condition of all the rooms in a house. This is of course in accordance to the principles and objectives of the smart building itself, which is seeking a house with all the comfort, security, and efficiency.

The concept and use of smart building 
The concept of smart building is very tempting. Unfortunately, for now the realization is still fairly difficult considering the amount of funds needed to make the house have the modern technology.

If you want to have a house with a smart building concept, then there needs to be some infrastructure that can support the house to operate the technologies that exist in it. Some of the infrastructure that must exist are:

  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • Fast communication network
  • Supports from expert vendors

Smart building is also much more efficient. This concept could reduce the need for operational staff which can reduce the amount of expense (when applied at enterprise scale).

In order to optimize this concept, you can also bring it through certain elements, such as lights and audio video equipment. This concept includes the installation of electrical wiring, armature lamp, and some other surveillance systems combined with the internet.

There are a lot of smart lighting products that you can find in markets. You have to understand the ins and outs of each product offered, and choose which products fit into the category of high end and what does not, so you get accuracy and satisfaction in applying the concept of smart building.

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