What is the Ideal Ceiling Height for a House?

Cool Interior with Glass Walls and Wooden FlooringMany people think the higher the ceiling the cooler the room. In fact, the one that actually makes the room cool has nothing to do with the height of the ceiling. A room will feel cool when the air circulation flows smoothly.

Air circulation with a cross system is very useful and makes a room cool. A garden is designed behind, in front of, on the left, and on the right of the house.  With this system, a house will be cool.

If it is impossible to create a garden on the right and left side of the house, you can make an indoor garden or dry garden. You can also make use of void or air opening to the top which flows the air. Simply put, there must be air flow from the four compasses. It is from front to back and from left to right.

Some people say that the height of the ceiling should be of 4.5 meters. In fact, if you follow this rule, there could be formed a bag of hot air. It eventually will make the heat accumulated in the upper part of the interior. It means that there should be a bigger opening or void to get rid of the hot air above.

Yet, it does not mean that you are not allowed to make a high ceiling. You just need to know that a higher ceiling requires you to make a bigger void. It also means that the opening or void for this high ceiling should be bigger than the normal houses.

What is the ideal height of a ceiling for home?

The house ceiling ideal height used to be of 2.8 meters. But over time the ceiling height has increased and it becomes 3.2 meters. It is due to the development of furniture which becomes bigger. Once, doors were designed in a 2 meter height at maximum, and now it can reach 2.1 to 2.5 meters.

So I think the ideal height for a ceiling is 3.5 meters. It should be no more than that number because there are so many things we have consider if the ceiling height is over 3.5 meters.

The first reason is convenience. If the ceiling is more than 3.5 meters or even reach 4 meters, the psychological effects will become uncomfortable. People beneath will feel very small.  Even for some places the ceiling should be made lower up to 2.5 meters, such as in the dining room. You can design a drop ceiling here to create a romantic atmosphere. Spend your time to observe a romantic dining room. With the candle light dinner, the dining room will feature a 2.5 meter ceiling. Or, take a look at a low garden gazebo. Even you often have to bow your head when entering it.

The second reason deals with the height of the building as a whole. If you make the first floor ceiling 3.5 meters, then the cast concrete of the second floor must be at least at a height of 3.8 meters. For the second floor you have to make ducting (space below the concrete cast to tuck electricity and water lines as well as the frame of the first floor ceiling). The minimum thickness of the ducting is 30 cm.

So, if you make the ceiling more than 3.5 meters, then your house will look very tall. Besides, the stairs would be getting longer too. It would be way more tiring to go upstairs or downstairs.

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