What to Consider when Arranging a Living Room

Comfortable Living Room with FireplaceArranging a living room is a challenging task. As a place to welcome and entertain guests, relatives, or friends, this room should be designed as comfortable as possible. There are three important things to consider when arranging a living room; function, focal point, and traffic flow.

Before arranging the living room, we should determine its function first; how the living room will be used. If it is for socializing, then we should create a comfortable seating group. Make sure that we can have a comfortable talk over the arrangement of the seats. For a small living room, it is suggested not to fill the room with furniture because it will feel stuffy. Simply provide a set of sofa with a coffee table. In addition, some people often use the living room for TV watching and game at night. In this case, we should make the seats oriented towards the TV and also place a coffee table as the area to play the game.

Focal point
Another important thing to consider when arranging a living room is the focal point, such as a fireplace, a bay window, or a big television. A focal point is able to make the living room more alive and we should arrange the furniture based on the position of this focal point.

Traffic flow
When arranging the living room furniture it is very important to pay attention to the traffic flow which includes the traffic pattern in getting in, out, and through the room. With the available space along with the existing furniture, make sure that the flow pattern is accessible.

Those are some information on how to arrange a living room. In addition to those consideration, an area rug also often exists in a living room which is placed under the seats and table. The area rug is important to help determine the space in the living room. Well, to give you a more understanding about this, here we also share a video on living room arrangement.

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