What to Consider When Designing An Eco-Friendly House

Eco Friendly Building DesignWhat is your idea of an ideal home design? Beautiful. Is “beautiful” enough? The answer will be a big no. All styles of home concept, say, minimalist, modern, futuristic, rustic, traditional, or any other concept must be added with an element. That is eco-friendly.

All home designers and architects must be familiar with the term eco-design; a design concept which is environmentally friendly. Then, what things to consider in dealing with eco friendly home plans? Here is the explanation.

An eco friendly home design is a home design which integrates all the process in a unity by considering the effects to the environment. It means that from the beginning the home owners must think about the construction and the use of the building from various aspects. What are those various aspects? Well, the main aspects to consider are:

  1. The effective use of any resource (energy, materials, water and land)
  2. The emissions to air, water and land associated with the environment and health
  3. Others (such as noise and vibration)

There are so many ways to apply the eco-design concept to your dream house. A lot of sunshine entering your house can save your electricity. A lot of windows and smooth airflow will substitute the use of air conditioner. A wide yard will be a good rainwater catchment area. A green space, say a park, will supply the need of clean air. You can also install a sewage and waste disposal which can be recycled, and so on.

Well, there are a lot of aspects to consider in the design. Yet, not all designs can cover the entire aspects. However, at least you don’t let the whole area be covered by cement. You should make sure that every room gets sufficient sunshine and fresh air.

In the following pictures you can see an example of the ecodesign concept application in a home design.

Eco Building Design
An environmentally friendly house cannot be separated with plants. This house is surrounded by gardens which supply it with a lot of fresh air. It reduces the energy consumption from an air conditioner. Some yard areas are left uncovered as a rainwater catchment.
Eco Design Furniture
A rooftop garden is a great innovation to a home design. Besides being aesthetically interesting, it also reduce the heat inside the house.
Eco Houses Design
A lot of wide glass windows allow the sunlight enter the interior. It reduces the consumption of electrical energy.
Eco Friendly Interior Design
The interior is designed with a little partition so that the air flows smoothly.

Image credit: trendir.com 

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