What to Do When Your House Caught in Fire

Home FireA lot of people are died and injured due to fire at home. It is not only the flames that life-threatening, but also the heat and smoke of the fire. Well, home fires can be prevented.

To protect yourself and your family members from the danger of home fires, you need to do several things. The following are tips on what to do when there is a fire at your house:

  1. Stay calm; do not panic.
  2. If the fire is small and can be overcome, immediately put it out with any extinguishers or a wet sack/towel.
  3. If the fire is caused by electrical short circuit, immediately turn off the power in your house.
  4. Close the room in which the fire starts so that it does not spread to other rooms. Yet, don’t lock it so that it will not hinder you when you want to extinguish the flames.
  5. If you cannot extinguish the fire, your must get out the house and also ask all your family members to leave the house immediately. Do not waste your time to save your valuables.
  6. Walk quietly, do not run, act carefully, and do not panic.
  7. If you find heavy smoke on the street or a room, avoid inhaling it, for example by crawling and breathing with face close to the floor. Use a wet cloth to cover the nose to help breathe.
  8. If you pass through a closed door, carefully check the temperature of the door by putting the back part of your palm on the door. Then check the door handles. If it is hot, you’d better choose another way.
  9. If you’ve managed to get out the house and are in a safe place, immediately ask for help from your neighbors.
  10. Immediately call the firefighters if you think you and your neighbors cannot extinguish the fire.
Remember; don’t panic. If you remain calm and not panic, you can minimize the losses due to fire.
Image credit: orionrestoration.com

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