What to Know About an Open Kitchen Concept

Modern Minimalist Open Kitchen DesignNowadays there are many restaurants or cafes using the concept of open kitchen. An open kitchen concept is very interesting indeed since it can attract the customers’ attention. They can see the kitchen and the cooking process directly, starting from preparing the ingredients up to turning them into delicious foods. This concept is intended to show the quality of the ingredients and also the cooking process to the customers so that they can trust the high quality of the restaurant or café. And here comes a question, “Can we apply this open kitchen concept to our house?”

Since the concept of an open kitchen is to place the kitchen in an open space, we will deal with some challenges when we want to apply it at home. One of them is that we have to keep it clean and neat because every corner of the kitchen will be visible to everyone passing near the kitchen. It may make us feel ashamed when our kitchen looks so dirty and messy.

An open kitchen is usually placed near or next to a public room such as a family room. As a divider, we can use a glass wall. An open kitchen in a bar design concept would also be a good idea for our home. Most importantly, every activity we do in the kitchen will be visible to any people.

One of many tips to make an open kitchen safe, especially for those who still doubt about this concept, is by dividing the kitchen into two areas; dirty area and clean area. A clean kitchen tends to be not messy because the activities here are usually only about serving the foods. Therefore, a clean kitchen can be exposed in an open concept. Meanwhile, the dirty kitchen, in which we usually deal with much dirt, can be keep hidden.

In addition to being unique, an open kitchen can be a smart solution to make a room feel more spacious. In fact, rooms which are separated using transparent dividers will look more spacious and wider. For those who live in an apartment, this method can be a good alternative.

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