What to Know when Building a Gazebo in Your Garden

A Wooden Gazebo with a PoolA gazebo in a garden could be a perfect place to gather with your family members while enjoying the evening view. To get the most of your quality time, the gazebo design be comfortable to use. Then, how to make a comfortable gazebo design? Here we share some tips on how to make a gazebo.

There are various materials that can be used to make a gazebo, such as wood, bamboo, metal, glass, or stone. Wood is the most common material used for a gazebo construction. For The roof materials, you can use reeds, fibers, shingle, tile, bamboo, cloth or zinc. All can be used in accordance with your taste and of course with the concept of building the house as well.

To design a comfortable gazebo, you have to recheck the size of the existing garden. If the garden is too small, don’t add a gazebo then. But if you have a large garden, you can definitely put a gazebo. If you have a 30m ² garden, ¼ of the land could be used for the gazebo. Gazebo basically serves as a gathering place, so it should be adjusted to the size of a garden. Thus, there will be an adequate circulation space.

In addition to the size of the gazebo, the shape is also an important thing to consider in creating a perfect gazebo design within a garden. The presence of a certain shape such as rectangular, round, oval, hexagonal, and others may provide a beautiful harmony around your house.

To be more comfortable in the gazebo, add a few ornaments such as small tables, pillows, stones, and lights. In addition to making you more comfortable, these ornaments also beautify the gazebo and strengthen the overall beauty of the garden.
Also, it would be great to make stepping stones from the back porch to the gazebo. These stepping stones will lead you to the little paradise which naturally soothes your soul.

Gazebo is generally located in the middle of the garden, although there are some which are located in the corner of the garden too. It is adjusted to the garden’s size and shape as well. It is also suggested that you don’t build a gazebo which is too close to the home building, remembering that the function of a gazebo is to provide a sense of relaxation for you. If the gazebo is too close to the main house, it will reduce the relaxing atmosphere you get. A gazebo would be great to be placed near the fish pond or artificial waterfall. The existence of a fish pond or artificial waterfall along with the sound of the gurgling water will add the calming and natural atmosphere around the garden.

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