What You Need to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool at Your Home

Cool Swimming Pool with Wooden Pool DeckIt turns out that a swimming pool functions not only as a place for swimming, but it also plays a role to increase the value of a house. It even becomes one part of home decoration which make a house more attractive. By constructing a simple swimming pool at your house, you will get some advantages both for your health and also for your home. Before building a swimming pool for your home, there are several things you need to consider first:

Pool deck
There are various ways to create a pool deck for a swimming pool design. For instance, you can have a patio with wooden deck, floor with natural stones, neatly arranged stepping stones, or a patio that blends with the house. What you need to note is that it should not be slippery. Safety and comfort is surely very important when creating the swimming pool.

Give a natural touch by bringing some vegetation such as coconut tree (cocos nucifera), frangipani (plumeria rubra, obtusa, or acutifolia), and cockspur coral tree (erythrina crista galli), to add a natural impression to your pool.

Floor surface height 
Make sure that the swimming pool is not higher than the pool deck. It is for the sake of the convenience of the users.

Pool edges
Provide not-sharp edges for the swimming pool. A good pool edging is the one which is rounded at the corners. It helps you to maintain security in the swimming pool. Create an elegant shaped pool. It is intended to make the pool easier to clean and maintain.

Pool depth
A recommended swimming pool dept for adults is 1, 4 meters up to 2 meters. Meanwhile, a children swimming pool should not more than 0.5 meter deep.

If you build stairs in the pool, make sure that the steps’ height is not more than 18, 5 cm. This is a comfortable height which is also recommended for stairs in houses, buildings, gardens.

Make the pool floor surface not slippery. Natural stones with a rough surface are good. We recommend using green stones because they will look good inside the pool; bright and green. Mosaic ceramic floor tiles are also good for a swimming pool floor. In addition, avoid a swimming pool with many corners because it will make the floor maintenance more difficult.

Water and circulation 
Pool water with a good circulation system will provide comfort for the users. The addition of overflow on the edge of the pool can add comfort to the pool. You can use stones for the edge of the overflow and also for the walls to create the sound of gurgling water.

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