What You Should Know about Kitchen Layout, Sketch, and Design

Small Kitchen Ideas with Full Wood Style
Small Kitchen Ideas with Full Wood Style | duispy.com

When you plan to have a kitchen set, you need to be sure that your kitchen set design will be very functional, efficient, and comfortable to use. Having a high quality kitchen cabinet and other kitchen equipment is an important thing. Yet, it is far more important to design the layout and the size dimension accurately.

Well, before you design or renovate your kitchen, it is better to consider these principles first.

The Work Triangle of Kitchen
The Work Triangle of Kitchen | annahape.com

The traditional concept: Work Triangle

Some designers agree that there are three main points in a kitchen, which are: cleanup, mixing, and cooking. Cleanup or areas to cleanup includes the sink (and the dishwasher), place for dirty dishes, faucets, place for washing soap, and racks for plates, glasses, spoons, and the like. Near the cleanup should be the refrigerator.

Mixing or areas to mix should be laid out quite close to the cooking utensils which are most often needed such as knife, cutting board, bowl, and so on. Cooking center includes stove, as well as a temporary place for a hot meal. Cabinet to put spices, pans, skillets should be placed not far from the stove.

Kitchen layout ideally describes the optimal relation between the sink + dispensing place, stove and refrigerator. That’s why this optimal relationship is called a triangle work. The idea is that if these three things are too far away, a kitchen worker or a housewife has to work harder because of the many steps / paths useless. Conversely, if they are too close, the circulation would be crowded.

The modern concept: Multiple Centers Working

The kitchen is made in a more modern design, introducing the concept of island layout. The assumption is that most people, because of busy work , tend to choose foods that are semi- instant only: instant seasoning, canned foods , foods ready to fry or boil, and so on .

In addition, modern families are inclined to think that anyone should be able to work in the kitchen, not just a housewife (or maid). This is in line with the changes in the role of husband and wife, and equal division of household work among family members. In addition, modern kitchen also adds a kitchen that functions as a fast food place, which is a place to organize a complete hot meal before being served to the dining table. Or also as a place to cook the cake.

With that assumption, the designers developed a concept of island kitchen layout. In this layout, the counter top ( top table : granite , marble , etc.) is placed in the middle and creates more space for dispensing , preparing food etc.

Standard Kitchen layouts
Standard Kitchen Layouts | annahape.com

The standard layout

Here we share a brief information about the standard layout of a kitchen set with a variety of different shapes that form a line or “I” (one-wall), U, L, Island, Galley and Peninsula.

The I-shape is the most not ideal kitchen shape. However, if the condition is not possible, consider the sequence of an I-shaped kitchen layout which is: fridge, sink, and stove concocting place. The U shape is the most ideal kitchen shape because it focuses on the working area in a compact space, with little traffic. While the version of the peninsula and the island, which are the modification of the U-shaped kitchen add the aspects of sociability, which connects the kitchen to the dining room or family room.

L shape is simple and efficient especially if the kitchen does not allow for the U shape. On the other hand, the Galley layout can be efficient if the alley or the distance between the cabinet is between 1 to 1.5 m. The disadvantage of this shape is when the alley is also used to people passing by, which may interfere with the activity in the kitchen. 

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