Where to Build a Terrace for Your Home

Comfortable Terrace DesignHaving a house with limited area does not mean you neglect the presence of a terrace or porch at your home. From the health side, the presence of a terrace apparently has other benefits, which creates good air circulation as well as a medium for sunlight to enter the house.

Good air circulation and adequate sunlight in a house are very important to get the quality of life for all family members. With the presence of a terrace, a house will become more alive, because the heat and air from outside will come into the terrace first before finally entering the house.

However, if the problem is about the limited area, the position of the terrace actually should not always be at the front part of the house.  If it is impossible to put the terrace at the front part of the house, you can build a terrace behind, beside, or even in the middle of your house.

If you have a terrace at the back part of your house, you can make it open with some green plants. In addition to carrying out its functions, the terrace here can be used for relaxation while releasing the burden of tiring routine.

The terrace next to the house is also not something impossible. It would be more effective if this terrace is used for doing hobbies that require quietness, such as painting, reading, writing, or yoga.

This side terrace typically utilizes the remaining land which is somewhat private because it is usually located inside the house area. However, you still can enjoy the fresh air without the need to move away from home. Meanwhile, a terrace which is located inside the house or in the center of the house, usually called as an innercourtyard, can be enjoyed by family members only. Unlike the terrace in the front yard that needs to be organized thoroughly, this inner courtyard could be set more freely, more personal, and exclusive.

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