White on White: It’s All About White in Home Design

Modern White Living Room Interior DesignThe color white is a neutral base color. In fact, sometimes the color white is considered colorless. Thus, it is often used as a base or background in a space. It is very flexible to be combined with all colors, including the color white itself.

When we were in the room with white domination, psychologically we will feel clean, bright, fresh, pure and innocent. Moreover, when the room is really white, the effect of white will be more exposed and felt. For some people, the dominant white space can be somewhat boring. Usually they put accents on a room by using furniture or light colored accessories. The color white is often associated with a neutral impression, however, when an interior is designed on “white on white”, the impact is no longer a neutral one, but dramatic.

White on white
In a white on white interior design, the walls, ceilings and floors must be white. The floor can be from ceramics or marbles. The brown parquet flooring can also be used so that the color white of furniture, accessories, wall and ceiling look on more prominent. White rugs can be used to cover the floor that is not white. You should also consider the lighting in this white on white interior. White areas reflect light better than any other colors. Make sure that your room is not too bright that creates glare.

Room and occupants’ characters
The color white does not always have a good orientation. It also has a negative impression. Because it has no color, sometimes we feel flat with no emotion in an all white room. The room also seems empty, cold, and cruel, as there is no warmth at all.

This white on white theme does not always fit in every home, moreover when there are children. Careless people might feel not okay living in an all white house because they feel as if they had to work hard to clean the white house. Moreover when there are spills of drinks or foods on the white sofa or white rugs.

Soft classic
The neutral impression of the color white is able to disguise the crowds on the space elements. A classic style room is definitely full of furniture and accessories with detail and ornament. This style is certainly not in accordance with occupants who want a modern house.
Then, is white able to do something with this soft classic interior design? White wallpaper with a white motif will be more subtle. The ornament details just can be seen, but cannot speak a lot. The same thing can be done to the motif, pattern and ornament on a sofa or rug. Even rough textured materials can be disguised.

Glass and metal
The suitable materials to support this theme are metal, glass and marble. The metal that can be used is white metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum. The presence of this material will add a modern impression, especially when combined with glass or other transparent materials. Glass that is connected to the outdoor also becomes a way to incorporate color into a room without intending to do so.

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