Why Do We Need an Architect?

Architects Discussing PlansArchitects can help us planning every detail of our home design including the aesthetic value of the rooms, the appropriate interior layout, the best materials, the air circulation system,  the lighting system, and so on. The cost to hire an architect is also a thing need to be considered. It is usually determined from their ability or the standard rate in the area.  Don’t easily believe in the architect who offers a low cost or even free, because the results of the design might be still questionable. The rate of an architect may indicate his or her quality.

Someone could make a floor plan, an estimation of the interior/exterior look, and so on, and then simply trust the construction process to builders. The question is, “Has everything been planned thoroughly and properly?”  There are many things to consider in a home construction, such as the aesthetics and beauty of home design, the structure of a planned home construction, and the proper and functional room arrangement. The architects have gained an appropriate education with the skills required in the profession, such as the ability to create a beautiful building composition and take into account the health factor of the building so that occupants will be safe and healthy living in the planned house.

However, not all architects are able to make our dream home come true. A good architect is the one with good experiences in designing and constructing a house. When we want to use the services of an architect, it would be better to ask her/him first about what projects have ever been handled. Let the architect give an explanation of how the principles of the design process are applied. We should choose an architect who wants to listen to our wants and needs about our own planned home. Also, ask the architect about what are on his/her mind about the design of our house. An architect usually has interesting ideas we did not expect before.

A professional architect will consider the needs of the room we want, the budget we have, and is willing to provide the best home design he/she can do. Sometimes, even though we have hired a famous architect, the results of the design cannot meet our needs and desires of an ideal home design. In this case, we need to look at the home design examples of the architect, choose one, and discuss whether her/she is willing to make such a house for us in the targeted time.

In the home construction process, there are usually obstacles related to the client wishes, economic factor, social factor, cultural factor, as well as the architect’s wishes and ideas. Everything needs to be considered very carefully. When our desires are too dominating, the architect may not work maximally which eventually resulting on a not creative home design. When the architect is too dominating, the results may be just as an experimental design of the ambitious architect and not appropriate to the clients as well as the environment. We should also consider the other factors such as the budget and the environment culture.

Overall, a good architect has good skills and knowledge about planning, designing, and constructing a house. Thus, we will always need their help to create an ideal house which is not only healthy and comfortable to live in, but also beautiful and interesting.

Image credit: antonioguillen.co.uk 

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