Wind Chimes for Good Home Feng Shui

Beautiful WindchimesWind chimes involve two Feng Shui symbols, namely metal and wind. The main material used in the chimes is metal, like stainless steel. Meanwhile, the wind is the force that moves the chimes.

Feng Shui wind chimes placement
Different house might have different wind chimes placement. It can be caused by the homeowners who have different understandings about wind chimes. Most importantly, the wind chimes must not block your way or interfere with you when you are entering or going out of the house. Place the wind chimes on the middle of terrace ceiling, either at the front or back of your house. It is okay to place the wind chimes in another part of your house as long as they do not interfere you when you want to open any windows or doors.

Always remember not to place the Feng Shui wind chimes in front of your house door. If the location of the chimes disturb people who pass through the door, it can prevent fortune from entering your house.

Wind chimes fortune
Each Feng Shui symbol has a specific meaning and fortune as long as it is placed  according to the principles of Feng Shui. Wind chimes means to build a peaceful and harmonious family. The beautiful sound of the chimes will bring fortune into your home. In addition, in Feng Shui wind is believed to bring health to the house occupants. Wind chimes will keep your home from negative things.

Wind chimes selection
You cannot purchase all types of wind chimes for your home. In buying an item, you should be careful. Despite all the wind chimes will sound, but if you look more thoroughly, you will find different sounds. Choose wind chimes with beautiful sound and nice tinkles since there are chimes with sound that would make people who listen become dizzy. Look carefully each time you want to buy any of Feng Shui symbol, including in this case the wind symbol. If you are not careful, the meaning of the wind as Feng Shui symbol can become negative.

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