Wooden House: Modern House Architecture in a Natural Shade

Modern Wooden Home Featuring Natural StonesIf you want to have a house with a natural impression, wooden house is the best choice. With the proper design and decoration, this house is able to give a warm and classy impression. But there are some people who still have doubts about the architecture of wooden houses. Wooden house is actually no less strong than a house constructed from bricks and concrete. However, the house should be built with the best wood and the right technique.

Wooden house architecture
On the architecture side, the wooden house does not always rely on wood alone. There is also a wooden house that still uses bricks or concrete to support the strength. Here you can choose between two options. You can choose a home made of  wood or wood combined with brick or concrete. To obtain a more natural impression, it is better to choose a house made ​​entirely of wood. But the costs involved are obviously more expensive, especially if you are expecting a sturdy wood house.

The shape of wooden house
In terms of the shape, wooden houses are not only tied to the architectural design. You can also present the concept of minimalist house in wooden house. The materials can be wood, but the shape of the building can be made simple and modern. To obtain a modern impression, you can bring firm lines on several sides of the building. Just as the concept of a minimalist home, the functionality remains the main concern. But since you are using wood materials, you can put some poles at some points.

In modern houses, the walls  also often function to help keeping the building remain strong. In a wooden house, you can apply a similar principle. However, to create more space, you can replace the wall function with wooden poles. This method can minimize the use of wall insulation. To obtain a minimalist modern architecture, it is also considered better.

Wood flooring and wood ceiling
In wooden houses, wood should be the main constituent material. To obtain a more dominant natural shade, floors and ceilings should be made of wood by still considering the balance. In order for the house not to seem boring, you have to present other materials in the house.

Modern house architecture is well known for its simple impression. Therefore, make each part of the wooden house look as simple as possible. Make sure that the poles look simple and plain. Do not make ornaments or carvings on these parts. Also make sure that any existing shape has a clear function and purpose.

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