You Can Guess Someone’s Personality Through Their Home Interior

Home Interior with Carpet
image via: greathomeinterior.blogspot

“Don’t judge the book by its cover”. This quotation might work for houses too. It’s like “Don’t judge the house’s interior by its exterior or its architecture outside” When you take a walk; you may see some beautiful houses surrounded by lush garden which really impress you. Yet, have you ever thought what lies inside those houses? It is not impossible that the interior parts are in a mess. In contrast, a house that looks not so special from outside may have a very cool and fun interior. Everything is possible.

Well, if you have been able to differentiate between the inside and outside look of a house, then you are able to understand the difference of architecture and interior design. What can be seen from outside belong to architecture stuff while what are inside the house is interior design stuff. Thus, both architecture and interior are the reflection of the home owners’ personality. If you are too concerned to your house’s outside look, then you may think a lot about your physical appearance. In contrast, if you consider everything inside your house, you may also have a beautiful soul too.

Some people say, if you want to know someone’s personality, you just need to see their bathroom. Bathroom is the place in which you can see every single thing of people’s habit and personality. And, go check the public toilet if you want to know the nation’s personality.

Designing your interior thoroughly makes you learn how to manage yourselves to be better, in a good management. Start doing it from your very private space, your bathroom to your bedroom. If you still have a doubt with your house concept and the budget as well, just start from the simple things. Simply put your stuff in the right place, orderly. Once you have put the stuff in a good order, try to always put it back after using it. Clean them regularly. And, ask your whole family members to do that good habit.

To sum up, our interior is not only about the design. It is also about our habit on keeping it continuously and whole-heartedly. 

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