Your Monotonous White Kitchen Absolutely Needs This Charming Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash
This kitchen backsplash is so eye-catching due to its unique and adorable pattern.

Image credit: Zimagz

Kitchen is a favorite place of most women, especially those who are housewives. They spend much of their time cooking and preparing meals there. No wonder that they also very concern with the design of their kitchen. White is a great color for kitchen. Kitchen designers use it a lot in designing kitchens. It is simple, elegant, and relaxing. However, when your entire kitchen is white including the kitchen set, floor, wall, and cabinet, you might get bored sometimes. It is just so monotonous and too plain. What should you do then? Well, designing a kitchen is a challenging activity to do. The kitchen backsplash is a great place to personalize, finish, and add style to your white kitchen design. It is one of kitchen areas that can be a focal point of the whole design. It can add a burst of color or complex design to the kitchen so that your kitchen will not look monotonous anymore. In designing the backsplash, you should consider the harmony of the color scheme, features, patterns, and the overall theme or style of the entire space. Here we present some backsplash designs which will turn your monotonous white kitchen into the more charming one. Enjoy.

green mosaic tile
This green mosaic backsplash gives a more natural atmosphere to the kitchen.

Image credit: COCOCOZY

Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash
Those tiles on the backsplash - those aren't tiles at all. Somebody painted them on and it just looks great.

Image credit: Vancouver Colour Consutlant

Backsplash Idea
This is milky way white marble in the mosaic brick pattern. It looks simple yet relaxing.

Image credit: Modern Jane Design

Herbs Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
This kitchen is a great example of mixing material - natural stone tiles with multi-colored ceramic tiles.

Image credit: Stone Impressions

Kitchen Mosaic Blacksplash Ideas
What blacksplash pattern you like is all up to you. Just make sure it could please your eyes.

Image credit: Kitchen Remodel Designs

Stone Mosaic Backsplash
This stone mosaic backsplash personalizes the kitchen, in spite of the color tone.

Image credit: Feel The Home 

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